Travel Grant Recipient Viktoriya Pyeshkova Attends 2nd World Congress on Biosensors and Bioelectronics in Singapore

Thanks to the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation Biotech Initiative, I participated in the 2nd World Congress on Biosensors and Bioelectronics on 27-28 of November 2019 in Singapore, where I gave the oral presentation “Conductometric enzyme biosensor for determination of heavy metal ions in water solution”.

This congress covered different interesting themes connected with biosensor technology: Nanotechnology in Biosensors, Microfluidics-Technology, Bio-Microelectromechanical systems (Bio-MEMS), etc.

Biosensor development is a multidisciplinary task, which means cooperation of specialists from different scientific fields: biochemistry, physical chemistry, electronics, optics, nanotechnology, electrochemistry, material science, engineering, etc.

This conference gave me a valuable occasion to discuss important themes connected with biosensor development and to make some new scientific contacts with specialists in construction and use of electrochemical biosensors. Thanks to this, I found a new solution for improvement of our biosensors characteristics.

I definitely enriched my knowledge with new information about recent advances and innovations in biosensor technology in this conference. I was especially impressed by Yihao Chen's talk “Skin-like biosensor system via electrochemical channels for noninvasive blood glucose monitoring”.

Such conferences are very important because they provide an excellent opportunity to share scientific approaches, exchange experience with colleagues and to find new partners for joint projects. Such scientific meetings can help widen the scientific views and solve essential tasks that occur in scientific work.

Thanks to this grant, I had also a great opportunity to visit our colleagues in Hat Yai and to visit one of the best universities in Thailand - Prince of Songkla University (Hat Yai, Thailand). Such visits are very important for strengthening of scientific connections and further cooperation. I am very grateful to Asst. Prof. Dr. Wilairat Cheewasedtham and Asst. Prof. Dr. Supunnee Duangthong for their hospitality and kindness.

I express my deep acknowledgment to the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation for supporting biotechnology scientists in Ukraine.

-Viktoriya Pyeshkova, Senior Researcher of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Department of Biomolecular Electronics