Life Sciences in Ukraine - Bionity BIONITY

Life Sciences in Ukraine - an overview of the industry landscape of Life Sciences in Ukraine: technology, science, companies, trends

The first analytical report for businesses and investors on the development of the Life Sciences industry in Ukraine. In this work you can get acquainted with detailed and deep analysis of economic, technological and regulatory conditions; find profiles and contact information of 75 companies, 15 hubs, 14 investors, 45 conferences, 30 academic institutions and 50 personalities involved in the industry;



Research and Development Output

Advanced R&D and Technologies





Industrial Agriculture and Landscape Gardening
Environment and Nature Protection
Power Engineering and Energy Efficiency
Information Technology
Information and Sensor Systems and Devices
Machine-Building and Instrument Engineering
Medical Products and Medical Device Engineering
Fuel, Lubricants and Technologies
Technologies for Construction and Functional Materials
Technologies and Equipment for Exploring, Estimating, and Extracting Mineral Resources
Food Industry





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