IoT Diagnostics of Food Product Safety

Our project aims to solve the problem of timely diagnosis of food safety.
To date, product quality analysis can only be performed in the laboratory, it is time consuming and requires highly qualified personnel.
We offer a biosensor for rapid diagnostics allowing you to perform real-time analysis in 15 minutes. It will be easy to use and cheaper than laboratory tests.

FOODBIOPACK - Ukrainian eco-friendly packaging

Dmytro Bidiuk, a scientist and professor from the northeastern Ukrainian city of Sumy, created packaging for food products that doesn't harm the environment. After winning several innovation competitions in Ukraine and abroad he was able to find Ukrainian investors and plans to launch full production this year.

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Detecting atrial fibrillation in real-time 

iCardy is a unique service for interaction between a physician and a patient, with the help of which it becomes possible to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.
iCardy creates a unique opportunity to choose any device for any time and helps you to find the most trustworthy and reliable specialist.
iCardy makes it possible for physicians to obtain financial compensation according to their skills and qualifications.

iCardy pitch deck - Ukrainian Startup Fund 17th Pitch Day

Nanobot Medical

he success of his video about a DNA repair nanobot inspired data scientist Yuriy Svidinenko to start hims own medical animation studio. He now has 17 employees and they've developed more than 100 videos for clients all around the world. 

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MYHELIX - DNA testing and personalized nutrition

Some say it's impossible to start a biology startup in Ukraine, but young scientist Dariya Loseva proved them wrong.  She and her colleagues started MyHelix, a service that provides DNA testing and personalized nutrition recommendations.  

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National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Industrial Agriculture and Landscape Gardening Environment and Nature Protection Power Engineering and Energy Efficiency Information Technology Information and Sensor Systems and Devices Machine-Building and Instrument Engineering Medical Products and Medical Device Engineering Fuels, Lubricants, and Technologies Technologies for Construction and Functional Materials Technologies and Equipment for Exploring, Estimating, and Extracting Mineral Resources Food Industry

Sikorsky Challenge Startup Competition

#1 - CARBIDOSTAL - Deformed Composite TiC-Steel

#2   T-HAND XY - Functional Hand Prosthesis

#20 - Nature Aroma - nanostructural natural flavorings

#21 - Eco Briquette made from leaves

#28 - VORTEX - energy-saving electric motors

#30 - SOLAR PLEX - polymeric solar hybrid modules SSDE/DSDE

#38 - MEDLED - LED flexible blanket for the treatment of jaundice in newborns

#39 - CYBER STITCH - simulator for learning laparoscopic operations

#44 - E-Field Radial Charge - wireless energy transfer module

#45 - FOOD-HACK -  food production in powder form


#54 - IES2P - Improving the efficiency of a solar power panel with a solar energy concentrator


#58 - MIOTRACER - Software and hardware platform of rehabilitation and diagnostic technology

#60 - UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLE by kinetic energy storage technology

#61 - SEMCS - smart eco-friendly mosquito control system

#62 - RESTORATION OF WATER AND OIL WELL PRODUCTIVITY based on the explosion of gas mixture

#64 - ASTROVITA - device that, if successful, will solve the problem of long-term travel of mankind in space

#75 - COVID KILLER - respirator that uses MLAAP technology

#76 - ORGANIC FERTILIZER produced from wastes of agro-industrial complex (chicken manure)

#77 - UTILIZATON OF SEWAGE SLUDGE from municipal water treatment plants with generation of thermal and electric energy

#78 - PURIFICATION OF DRAINAGE WATER from the solid waste landfills by electrodestruction method

#79 - Enzyme-free GLUCOSE SENSOR based on organic-inorganic semiconductor complexes

#80 - Wind turbine Free-ENERGY-Way (FEW)

#84 - PAROSTOK -  Ecologically safe technology of presowing processing of seeds with use of the microwave installation


#87 - ECOLOGICAL BINDER - phosphate binder material

#89 - ATMOSPHERE - weather data processor

#93 - Prolonging the life of underground Kryvbas

#96 - SAFE CITY - protection of well hatches and equipment located in wells from theft

#97 - HISTORY MAP - GPS-based audio guide

#101 - UA DOLLS - collectible souvenir dolls with Ukrainian ethnic symbols

#105 - High-yielding DROUGHT-RESISTANT PLANT VARIETIES adapted to the conditions of the Southern steppe

#108 - STEVIA PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY - innovative technology for growing high-yield stevia with a high content of stevioside


#111 - FASTPLANT technology for rapid development of niche crops

#115 - EKRANOPLAN patrol aircraft

#117 - HITBOX - smart tracker for martial arts workouts

#126 - OASIS - smart irrigation system for farms and greenhouses

#130 - Energy-Efficient Non-Contact Bernoulli GRIPPING DEVICE FOR INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS

#133 - ULTRASONIC NEBULIZERS for mechatronic automation systems

#135 - MECHATRONIC DEVICE FOR HYDROGEN PRODUCTION allows you to generate hydrogen fuel using water and electricity

#136 - VIRTUAL CLASS - educational platform that provides teachers and tutors a web-service of distance learning in real time

#137 - ECOMAT - new device for waste separating, collecting and pressing

#140 - IOT TECHNOLOGIES IN SMART AGRICULTURE - information collection system based on LoRa technology  to increase efficiency of farms and small greenhouses

#144 - SLONIK - Full-drive drive cargo electric bicycle

#157 -PC "BUSINESS PLAN" - program for rapid assessment of small businesses of economic feasibility of investment decisions

#160 - MEDBOT - automated platform for fast online medical diagnostics

#161 - Technology of obtaining DIFFUSION COATINGS on tool alloys for processing high hardness materials

#163 - "WASTE-TO-CELLULOSE" - resource-saving way of processing agricultural waste from vegetable origin into fibrous semi-finished products

#167 - ULTRASONIC REACTOR designed for use in the technological process of utilization of chemical elements of electric power supply

#169 - MEDISMART - web application for monitoring medical institutions, which will help to translate all paperwork into electronic format

#173 - OBJECTIVE MEASUREMENT OF BEAUTY - hardware and software complex that allows collectors and authors to objectively assess the aesthetic value of art objects

#174 - INTELLECTUAL MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM - high-quality diagnostics of various types of diseases

#175 - MUZZLY - social network for easy music exchange, promotion of new artists and mediation between the musician and the label


Kray Technology - digital and fully unmanned drone crop sprayer


CardioAI - artificial intelligence for automatic annotation and interpretation of electrocardiograms

NLSQL - a new piece of tech which helps people query data from a database using natural language

PatentBot - bot that helps you check and register a trademark

Sprybuild - making the world's fastest DLP 3D printers using CPWC technology

Organization.GG - lets vetted gamers and streamers to boost income and grow the audience by offering online shared Experiences to their fans

Extra Watts LLC - e-scooter rideshare

JOBIAN - online platform for finding legal employment abroad

Foodex24 - first online supermarket in Ukraine

Skyworker Inc. - IT recruiting marketplace

SolarGaps - smart solar blinds that generate electricity  - website and free mobile app for event organizers and visitors

Ukrainian Startup Fund

Pitch Day #1 AeroDrone – complex solutions based on drones – analytical online center BIOC – a technology of nano polymerization for bioplastic production FieldBi – analytical-expert system for market stakeholders PravoMan – automatic legal advisor Framiore – sustainable brand of clothes with in-house R&D center with further development & implementation for technologies and textile innovations Pytag – a trade-analytical platform for grain trading BioBin – a mobile app for a sustainable environment Pitch Day #2 HarvesTrack – hardware and software (ІоТ) solution to control harvesting Agrifinance Online Inc – marketplace that connects thousands of small and medium Ukrainian farmers with international capital markets, crop insurance services, and provides the highest grain & oilseeds prices directly from international traders Allzap – development of online shops for auto spare parts Nuwork – CRM-system for HR Pitch Day #3 Cittart – a mobile marketplace for art Sprybuild – 3D Printers using CPWC Technology Skyworker- tech jobs platform Caretech Human – an innovative IoT solution of real-time, accurate and fast analysis allowing earlier detection of diseases and evaluations of patient conditions before symptoms appear Dew Pocket / IOON – a device which transforms water into 99.9% free of bacteria/viruses anywhere anytime – the perfect tool to automate your work on LinkedIn Pitch Day #4 – online financial accounting service Norm – a solid-stone desk that follows your moves to get more done FLASHBEATS – an app that creates amazing light shows at sporting events where we can create light waves, synchronized light strokes, a dance of light during a goal, or even a running line, characters, images, and cartoons. smart-MAC – devices that help to analyze the consumption of electricity, water, gas, heat, to monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, light, wind, CO2, TDS, pH, and any other resources, conditions, and events Pitch Day #5

Legal Nodes – legal marketplace Choizy – career guidance online platform SolarGaps – energy generating solar panel window blinds that automatically track the sun and generate electricity from its energy Pitch Day #6 ICORN – grain trade & logistic platform BIOsens – IoT diagnostics of food safety Cardiolyse – an e-health company focused on analytics of human heart electro signals, that enables an affordable real-time remote heart health monitoring, personalized detection and Unicorn Nest – B2B SaaS solution for startups – the project of collecting data about all available VCs Mate academy – online university of IT professions Pitch Days #7 & #8 Jooli – an application for content marketers and PR professionals is focused on small and medium-sized SaaS companies, which saves up to 5 hours of work per week and doubles the efficiency of communications. JOOLI in real-time analyzes the activity of a company and its competitors in the main communication channels of this type of business and briefly reports on the release of market news and competitors. IZIVIZ – drone for safe, easy and effective visual inspection Elomia – an app with a virtual friend-psychologist who listens, understands and provides psychological help to people with depression and anxiety RunAn – sports tracker that reduces trauma and increases running efficiency by controlling running technique Bicovery – real-time monitoring of the mental and physical state of a bipolar person and timely reports of approaching episodes using Machine Learning technologies Gymcerebrum – an artificial intelligence platform with unique computer vision, which will operate on the territory of the fitness club as a virtual trainer Neverdark – a fireplace with a real flame for any apartment Revizion – feedback service and NPS. The platform allows you to return existing and attract new customers. Build a positive brand reputation through an effective feedback system at every point of contact with the Customer Upswot – improving the sales efficiency aimed at SMEs with continuous monitoring and insights from 117 alternative data sources Pitch Day #9 ORTY – a restaurant management system, which, through the introduction of self-service, delivery and chatbots, helps restaurants sell more. COMIN – allows content websites to monetize content without additional actions, labor, or special skills. Comin provides an e-commerce widget that automatically matches the product to the content of the publication. The process of purchasing goods is carried out directly on the content website without visitors switch to the site-store, and orders are processed by the owner of the goods. Nutritionista – an intelligent mobile application that recommends healthy food to nearby restaurants based on personal preferences such as food types, allergens with the help of artificial intelligence and computer vision. Pitch Day #10 TenniRobo – an innovative compact robot for table tennis, which is actually a professional trainer controlled by a mobile application. The device connects to the mobile phone via Bluetooth – technology, and allows a user to control any parameters of a shot. The robot is able to create a really realistic behavior of the ball – such as a real person in the game, this is a great advantage for athletes. The mobile app allows you to create your own shots and combine them into personal training programs. With TenniRobo, players do not have to adjust their training schedule, do not depend on a partner or coach, and can save up to $ 80 a week on self-training. In addition, it is an extremely useful assistant for every coach, because the robot helps to significantly accelerate the professional growth of an athlete and diversify training. Kray Technologies – the world’s first automatic drones for the application of plant protection products and fertilizers in field crops with industrial productivity (up to 470 hectares/day) which reduce the cost of application by 90% to about $ 2 / hectare (in the US market). They allow the farmer to get rid of crop losses connected with application and apply new technologies of frequent fertilization, which promise a yield increase of 20-40%. Pitch Day #11 HackenProof – SaaS platform for organizing buggy bounty programs and coordinating vulnerabilities. By engaging the ethical hacker community and automating business processes, we develop the most effective platform for coordinating the detection of vulnerabilities in IT products on the client side. LookSize – a service for determining the size without fitting in online clothing and footwear stores, which works as a widget and increases the conversion by 270% and reduces the return by 28%. Arterial oscillography – the authors developed a method of analysis of pulsations during the measurement of blood pressure to assess the level of: the adaptive capacity of the cardiovascular system; psycho-emotional stress; irregular heartbeat; the state of functioning of myocardial-hemodynamic homeostasis, the level of regulation and management of the cardiovascular system, activity and interaction of various parts of the nervous system; an expert system for differential diagnosis of risks of heart, lung, mental, COVID-19 diseases. Data is transmitted wirelessly to the web application via mobile or PC, depending on the profession, the information is displayed in a user’s office. The essence is un using existing data, if necessary, their modernization and production of new modifications of pressure gauges. Pitch Day #12 Portal – Operational management optimization platform for remote teams Organization.GG –  a platform for gamers and streamers that allows you to earn by interacting with fans Djooky – a music trading platform that gives artists access to a global community of investors, and investors the opportunity to trade a new asset class. It is a bridge between the music and financial worlds Abrakadabra – service for creating text and images using artificial intelligence, which allows you to create quality text for business social networks iBeauty – online booking service in the field of beauty and cosmetology, in the web version and mobile application on IOS and Android platforms VAR Energy – support for power grids with the help of distributed energy Next Generation – a platform for exhibitions and forums in virtual reality SPOKK – “smartphone insurance” with affordable microinsurance products and a full range of online services. Users can purchase the policy in a few clicks, file a claim online, find out the decision on the insured event almost instantly and receive a refund directly to their payment card. Pitch Day #13 – a platform that allows hospitality companies to automate voice communications with customers using artificial intelligence Esper Bionics – Esper Bionics develops a new generation bionic hand prosthesis and a cloud platform as a service that teaches prostheses to user habits while improving management. IGnation – web application for organic development and monetization of profiles in social networks. Making money on Instagram has never been so easy. Pitch Days #14, #15, #16 pre-seed ($ 25,000 grant):

RE-leaf PAPER - craft paper, which is made by RE-leaf technology, based on the fibrous mass of fallen leaves iceFood - frozen ready-to-eat healthy and healthy first courses, main courses, desserts, smoothies and health bowls, which take 3-5 minutes to prepare AI Impulsar - software for people with mental disorders. Impulsar software can “look into the future” and save lives. Impulsar helps monitor and analyze the condition of people with autism and dementia, and notifies people with epilepsy in advance of the likelihood of developing a crisis. Muscreators - an online service for effective and large-scale artist promotion. It provides ready-made solutions for effective promotional campaigns in global and local markets. Muscreators is a reliable bridge between artists and fans through media channels around the world. Smart Way - a service for international transportation. The mobile application is for: driver, carrier, sender/recipient of goods, in order to quickly cross the border, order online customs services and receive useful services on the road. The mobile application for easy interaction with customs at the border. seed ($ 50,000 grant):

eSalesPlatform - E-commerce platform which helps retailers to expand their businesses on global marketplaces like Amazon or eBay HackenAI - personal cybersecurity application. At HackenAI, we understand that privacy is becoming more of a challenge, that’s why we devoted our efforts to create an application suite to protect you in this rapidly changing world. Interactive educational modules, achievements, collectibles and membership options will motivate users to care more about their personal cybersecurity and teach them best practices to avoid future issues Pitch Day #17 Supplio. Automated restocking platform for the cosmetics suppliers that integrates them with their clients (beauty salons, pharmacies, shops), providing automatic order management (supply orders automatically planned & sent to the supplier) based on actual clients’ stocks and product usage, recommend new products, and promotions and solve typical order issues. As the result, the suppliers will decrease manual work up by 90% and total suppliers’ costs by 30-35%. iCardy. Convenient and affordable service that allows you to diagnose the risk of heart problems with 99% reliability in real time. AssayMe. Personal Wellness & Health Assistant enables patients to monitor health and prevent medical problems through a simple, at-home, self-administered rapid test, as well it`s a comprehensive tool for Telehealth. Recoshelf. We are a big brother for retail that monitors the products, customers behavior and prices with smart cameras and IoT sensors to increase revenue up to 5-6%. Reelly. Digital platform that helps to find a responsible real estate expert anywhere in the world, in a clear single segment and region. BloggerMall. Influencer marketing platform. The platform helps advertisers to cooperate with bloggers fast, efficiently and safe using built-in tools like account analytics, filters for finding bloggers with the required target audience, Secured deal and rating system. Chargeback Optimizer. Chargeback management platform for banks, payment service providers, and merchants. The platform reduces costs and time of dispute investigation and money refund to customers. Advisera. Machine Learning-enabled marketplace, which helps entrepreneurs to receive specific business advice from international niche experts.