Ukrainian Students Shine at the Genius Olympiad in Oswego, NY

Andriy Horbonos from Dnipro won a silver medal at the Genius Olympiad in Oswego, NY and two other Ukrainian students took fourth place. A total of five students of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine competed in the international competition in June.

Students from 75 countries participated in five disciplines: Science, Visual and Performing Arts, Business, Writing and Robotics. The Ukrainian team completed in Science against 800 projects submitted by students from around the world.

Andriy Horbonos took second place for his invention of a material that could improve the properties of super-capacitors by increasing capacity and charging speed. Supercapacitors filled with this material can be used in power supplies for electric vehicles, life support devices, power stations, generators, etc.

Milana Brodovska from Odesa came in fourth for her DIY method of making dyes. She says it can be used for dyeing fabrics, wood, eggs and for watercolor paints. Milana even created "Handmade in Ukraine" sets that anyone can use to make these dyes on their own.

Petro Voloshyn from Ternopil, who also took fourth place, worked on a project where he used optical circuits to convert information. Unlike the original quantum computers, the system doesn't require special conditions for operation.

Students of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine continue to shine and win competitions around the world.  They're also learning new skills at the "Ex Lab" Experimental Research Laboratory. The Academy is looking for sponsors to help them equip this and its other laboratories.  Contact us at BioUkraine if you'd like to make a contribution to Ukraine's science future. 

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