Travel Grant Winner Viktoriya Havryliak Attends Biotech Conference in Stockholm

Thanks to a grant from the US-Ukraine Foundation Biotech Initiative, I got the opportunity to participate in the 5th International Conference on Biotechnology, Environment and Engineering Sciences, which took place in Stockholm, Sweden, on September 26-27, 2019. This conference was held as a part of European Biotech Week.

Scientists from more than 10 countries attended this scientific event. They presented their findings and discussed their advanced research work in the various topics of Biotechnology, Environment and Engineering Sciences.

I was particularly interested in the environmental biotechnology section, where I presented my work "Adsorbents based on keratin for heavy metals removal". In general, the conference focused on environmental problems. Special attention was paid to the eco-friendly application of waste, biotechnological approaches to solving these problems. Some presentations were devoted to climate change and its environmental impacts.

In my mind, such conferences are extremely important for scientists. First of all, this is an opportunity for researchers from different countries to present their research results and share your views on the most important topics. Taking into account that the conference is an excellent platform for academic exchanges and cooperation promotion, it provides the opportunity for scientists to interact, make new contacts and build up the scientific relationship.

I express my deep and sincere gratitude to the US-Ukraine Foundation Biotech Initiative for the opportunity to attend this conference, for the support of Ukrainian scientists, for the integration of our science into the world space.

- Viktoriya Havryliak, Professor, Department of Technology of Biologically Active Substances, Pharmacy and Biotechnology,  Lviv Polytechnic National University