“Perhaps One Day I Will Also Be an Excellent Speaker and Will Be Able to Share My Experience and Knowledge With Others” – Sofiia Petroshenko

genomic imprinting

Earlier this month I had the great opportunity to participate in the first interdisciplinary conference Genomic Imprinting - from Biology to Disease conducted by the Wellcome Genome Campus in collaboration with the newly established International Society for Genomic Imprinting (IGIS).

The field of genomic imprinting is developing very quickly and in order to keep up with the trend, learn about new research, get results and new knowledge from the most reliable sources, you need to constantly look for opportunities for your growth and this conference perfectly combined all of the above. There was also an opportunity for interdisciplinary cooperation.

Many topics were covered, such as:
- Epigenetics mechanisms and imprinting
- Life cycle of imprinting
- Environment and imprinting
- Inherited factors
- Clinical aspects
- Imprinting disorders and beyond
- Techniques and sequencing

The program was very well thought out and versatile, everyone could get the information and the novelty that they came to the conference for.

I really liked it, I found interesting topics for myself that I can develop further, and I hope to achieve high results in this area and, perhaps, one day I will also be an excellent speaker and will be able to share my experience and knowledge with others.

I want to thank the organizers and speakers for this interesting and well organized virtual conference and the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation Biotechnology Initiative for the amazing opportunity to plunge into this atmosphere.

I wish everyone to find something of their own that will motivate you, and that you enjoy not only the results you have achieved, but also the process itself.

-Sofiia Petroshenko, student at the National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine; Goethe University